The Case & Crate line brings you a forward-thinking, metal, modular display to house wine by the case load. Designed for residential and commercial spaces, the locker/bin aesthetic can fill an entire space or simply be an accent piece.

This modular product line offers a simple and quick solution to creating a wine display filled with bins or lockers. These products can be integrated into any custom wine cellar. Here’s how:

Step 1: Select a height

Short or tall, your choice. Tall kits simply combine two base units using a supplied coupler making installation a breeze.

Short (48+ bottles) Tall (96+ bottles)

Step 2: Pick your style

Secure lockers or open bins, your choice is based on preference and need.

Bin configuration Locker configuration

Step 3: Up the Bottle Count

Select one of several that include extension units to meet any bottle capacity need.

96-Bottle Short Kit (Bin or Locker) 144-Bottle Short Kit (Bin or Locker) 192-Bottle Short Kit (Bin or Locker)
192-Bottle Tall Kit (Bin or Locker) 288-Bottle Tall Kit (Bin or Locker) 384-Bottle Tall Kit (Bin or Locker)

Step 4: Accessorize

Consider more than just bottle count and height. The accessory line of Case & Crate allows for more options to customize the look of your home or restaurant’s wine cellar design.

Syrah Shelves Locks X-Bin Inserts Namplates

Step 5: Design away