Cable Wine Systems

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One of the most distinguished and elegant wine racking system available, Cable Wine Systems are made of only the highest quality stainless steel. Mounts and clamps are comprised of solid brass, available in brushed nickel and chrome finishes. Instantly enhance the look of any wine collection or display.

Your wine collection will look as though it is floating on air due to the Cable Wine System’s unique cradling of each bottle, for a sophisticated appearance. Integrate additional unique features such as lighting, angled displays, and floating shelves to offer even greater singularity and a stunning display that will be sure to leave an impression.


  • High versatility compared to other wine racking systems. Accommodates a large variety of bottle shapes and sizes.
  • Provides fantastic label visibility; offers easy access to all bottles without having to handle them.
  • Consistent air flow throughout due to the system’s minimalistic design.
  • System is assembled on site, allowing for easy spacing adjustments as per customer preferences.
  • Bottles can be stored with the neck slightly angled downwards, and/or can be adjusted to allow visibility and appreciation of the finish or view behind the display.
  • Accent lighting available.

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