1 bottle deep MIL-S3

Millesime 3 bottles wide, 7′ high


Millesime wine racks are available in 7′ (82″ à 88″), 8′ (94″ à 100″) and 9′ (106″ à 112″) height , but can also be made to accommodate any ceiling up to 24′.

8′ high
9′ high

7′ height, capacity : 45 wine bottles
8′ height, capacity : 54 wine bottles
9′ height, capacity : 63 wine bottles


We built the Millesime wine racks with premium woods such as mahogany and walnut. These are combined with anodized aluminum components for a unique modern look. Lacquer can be applied to the wood to achieve a sleeker finish.

Millesime Special wall fixtures


If affixing the Millesime rack to your ceiling is not possible, special wall fixtures are available.

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