4ft Horizontal Mounting Panel

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Ideal for the wine collector who is looking for a racking solution that’s one of the easiest to install available. These racks are also highly customizable for an even more distinguished look.

* Custom colors can be ordered for an additional charge and increased lead time.

Part Number

  • UMHA48 – 4ft Ultra Horizontal Mount (Acrylic)
  • UMHL48 – 4ft Ultra Horizontal Mount (Laminate)
  • UMHN48 – 4ft Ultra Horizontal Mount (Natural Wood)
  • UMHS48 – 4ft Ultra Horizontal Mount (Stained Wood)


Dimensions: 48″W x 6″H x .75 “D (Acrylic = .25″D)
Finish: Alumasteel, Natural Wood or Stained (light, medium, dark)
Bottle Capacity: Dependent on racking system used


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