Centrifugal Atomizing Humidifier Ideal for Wine Cellars

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Centrifugal Atomizing Humidifier

This product is ideal for wine cellars and to be used in tandem with our refrigeration units.  It functions by scattering a very fine  vapor  into  the  air  supply  duct  return of  your wine cellar.  Or depending upon your installation, directly into the wine room. This results in theright level of humidity being maintained for storing a wine collections over long periods.

The ComfortBreeze TM CB707 humidifiers are built with microprocessor which continuously monitors the humidistat's status. There is an LED status indicator for service requirements, fault indication operational status. The universal humidistats can be installed in the cold air return duct or on the wall.  This starts the humidifier when the humidity level is below the set point.

Product Features

  • Environmentally friendly: this humidifier consumes less than 75 watts during normal operation and wastes no water.
  • Installation Versatility: Can be ceiling mounted, duct mounted, shelf mounted or wall mounted. Easy Installation: Push-to-lock fittings for water connections are easy and provide simple, worry-free operation.
  • Service Indicator: the humidifiers are built with microprocessor which continuously monitors the humidistat status, float switches and functioning hours to suggest when service is required and facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Dimensions: 11″H x 9 1/2″D x 12″H

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