D200WC Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Water-Cooled 60Hz

This system requires a year-round water source, but is ideal for the largest wine cellars and wine rooms. Read more about WG Water Cooled systems.

The water-cooled D200 is our largest factory-configured system that contains a water-cooled condensing coil and water-regulating valve.

This wine room cooling unit is made to utilize water from sources such as a cooling tower, a lake, or a geothermal source, so long as the water is from a year-round source. Warm condenser air connections are not required, which makes the water-cooled wine cellar cooling option a perfect solution when warm condenser air venting is not possible.

The water-cooled D200 system provides up to 14,100 BTU/H of capacity.

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8000 – 14100 BTU/h


2.32- 4.13 Kilowatts

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