Dual-Air Quiet Wine Cellar Cooler Series

DQ Series

The DUal-Air Quiet (DQ) Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are designed to provide refrigerated air to 55-65 °F. DQ evaporators return air at the bottom and supply two-way air discharge 10-12 feet in both directions at a medium velocity airflow. This promotes fantastic circulation in long and narrow display cases.

These units are the perfect solution for large wine cabinets and walk-in wine cellars. DQ evaporators are available in standard capacities from 1,800 to 4,600 BTU per hour and are used with a R134a refrigerant.

  • Air defrosting coil requires does not require an additional heater
  • Fan blades engineer for very low-noise
  • Staggered high performance coils with copper tubing expanded mechanically into aluminum fins
  • Housing constructed with insulated rust-proof aluminum
  • Permanently lubricated motor fully thermally protected
  • Automatic expansion valve(standard) ensures constant coil temperature to promote “Humidity Balance”
  • Pump-down solenoid valve(standard) protects compressor in the event of leaks

Condensing Unit Wiring


Field Wiring

L1 115V Line Voltage
N Neutral
SV Solenoid Valve
FM Fan Motor
TP Temperature Probe

Back of Controller Connections

10 Temperature Probe
11 Temperature Probe
4 Neutral
5 115V Line Voltage
2 Jumper from 5
3 Switch Leg to Fan Coil
C NO Internal normally open contact

Fan Coil Wiring



  • Keep line sets as short as possible.
  • Excessive number of turns will cause refrigerant flow problems. This could cause early compressor failure. Suction line accumulators are recommended. Required if working lower than the normal 55-65° operating range from wine cellar.
  • Drain line must always flow downhill to drain or pump.
  • The system is controlled by a pump down control system. There is no control wiring between thermostat and condensing unit.
  • The line connections at Fan Coil and Condensing Unit may not be the same as the required line sizes.
  • Standard line sets should be 50′ or less. Extended runs may require larger line sizes and 3oz oil must be added for every 10′ over 35′.


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