Electrical Rough-in Kit

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Cellar Refrigeration Accessories – Low Ambient Kit, Protects Condensing Units Installed Outdoors

US Cellar Systems Electrical Rough-in Kit (RIK) is an installation accessory for the trade intended for professional wine cellar construction.

The (RIK) simplifies the installation of the electrical connections, required for the DC-1 controller and evaporator coil. Sometimes it is practical to run electrical for a job long before the equipment is even ordered. This kit includes everything needed for standard pre-installation of controller and control wiring.

This kit (RIK) can be shipped in advance with or without the Wiring Harness (WH). This way all electrical connections can be prepared well in advance.

Eliminate Wine Cellar Construction Delays or Re-opening Walls


  • 2 – 2×4 boxes
  • 2 – Connectors to connect conduit to boxes
  • 25′ of plastic flexible conduit


  • Install 1 box horizontally at location of controller
  • Install second box near location of fan coil
  • Route conduit from first box to second box through studs (be sure to use nail guards where conduit goes through studs)
  • Use connectors to connect conduit to boxes

*Sensor wire should not be run inside or parallel to this conduit.
*If extending the sensor wire use 18 gauge thermostat wire

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