WG75WC Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Water Cooled 50Hz

Water-cooled units are ideal for geothermal, cooling tower and lake water applications. Read more about WG Water Cooled systems.

The Water-Cooled WG75WC contains an integral water-cooled condensing coil, configured at the factory, and a water-regulating valve. This wine room cooling unit is good for geothermal, cooling tower and lake-water applications. Since warm condenser air connections are not required, the Water-Cooled WG75 is an excellent selection when warm condenser air venting is not possible. Learn more about the water-cooled wine cellar cooling system option.

This water-cooled system produces up to 1,410 watts of capacity (WG75). To ensure you’ve selected the best wine cellar cooling system for your unique application, be sure to perform a full heat-load calculation before purchasing any unit.

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0.70 – 1.41 Kilowatts


18 – 85


2430 – 4811 BTU/h

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