Wine Guardian Humidification System

Wine Guardian’s® Wine Guardian’s free-standing humidifier protects against low humidity levels which may result in compromised seals & or oxidized wine. The unit can be used with any wine cellar cooling system. It also features an evaporative drip-pad and removable supply grille for easy maintenance.

Product Specs

Room Capacity: 800 cu. ft.
Width: 12.87″
Height: 13.81″
Depth: 10.06″
Weight: 17 lbs
Water Inlet: ¼” hose
Condensation Drain: ¼” hose
Electrical: 115v/15amp

What’s included in my shipment?


  • Self-contained humidification system
  • Installation guide
  • Power Cord

Wine Guardian’s humidifier can be ordered either as free-standing or integrated units, to best suit application needs/preferences. Both models are evaporative drip-pad type models that are easy to install and operate. They add moisture to the cellar as required and sensed by the WG’s humidistat.

Product Features:

  • Cellar mounted digital humidistat for precise humidity control
  • Easy to access humidifier pad for ease of maintenance
  • Drip pan type humidifier with integral evaporator fan
  • Mounts on wall, through wall or Freestanding
  • Light weight, corrosion resistant aluminum housing
  • Energy efficient ETL compliant
  • Cellar mounted digital humidistat for precise control
  • 24/7 factory service hotline support

Principles of Operation

Air from the cellar is drawn over an evaporative drip pad that is saturated with water from a distribution tray. As the air passes through the pad, it absorbs moisture through evaporation of the water. This raises the humidity of the leaving air that returns to the cellar. The humidistat, located in the cellar, will automatically turn on the humidifier whenever the cellar humidity is below the set point and turns it off when the cellar humidity reaches set point. The recommended set point is 50% to 70% RH for wine cellars. The humidity level is high enough to prevent corks from drying out and low enough to prevent mold from forming.

Maintenance of the Humidifier


A regular maintenance program prolongs the life of the humidifier and help maintain proper humidity levels in the cellar. Frequency of cleaning and replacement of the drip pad depends on the inlet water conditions and the cleanliness of the cellar air. The drain system may also trap dust and dirt. When water no longer stays on the pad or mineral build-up has started to reduce airflow, the pad needs to be replaced. For these reasons we suggest you check the drain on a monthly basis and confirm there is a steady flow of water while unit is in operation. Clean drain if needed. Also monthly, check for unusual noise or vibration, which could be a sign that the debris may be trapped and needs to be removed. Refer to your humidifier’s installation operation and maintenance manual for step-by-step instructions on how to clean the humidifier and replace the evaporative drip pad.

Dealer Limitations: Customers are responsible for understanding the proper way to install this product. Wine Racks America does not assume responsibility for product failure due to installation out of compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.



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