Created from aircraft grade anodized aluminum (satin finish), panels. Finishes available in premium wood veneer or high-gloss lacquer, and 9 colorways.

Each panel supports 9 bottles with the option to combine modules side-by-side for increased bottle capacity. Each panel can support up to 12 bottles when arranged in this way.

The STACT system can can be connected together by ‘couplers’ (included) or spaced apart.  For example, a floor-to-ceiling wine rack can be created in any standard height room using 8 vertical modules. Possible arrangements are endless.

STACT boasts the highest bottle capacity on the market and, unlike most custom storage solutions, comes ready-to-install on any drywall surface right out of the package.

Lacquer panels are offered in the following high-gloss finishes:

  • Piano black
  • Pure white
  • Gunmetal gray
  • Electric orange

Premium wood veneered finishes available in:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Zebrano
  • Gray oak

STACT panels feature a premium high-gloss finish, not a laminated surface. After several coats of lacquer are applied, panels are hand buffed to a mirror-like, piano finish.