Custom Fitted

Your wine rack will be exactly fitted to its space – much like a custom tailored suit.

For a few bottles to several thousands

  • Outfit an entire room to create a wine cellar
  • Outfit a single wall to create a wall of wine.
  • Outfit a small space on a wall to create a personal wine bar.


Exclusive to the RESERVE™ Wine Rack System is its ability to be expanded. As your wine collection grows, you can easily increase the capacity of your wine rack, by changing some components on the fly. For example, by going from “Label View 1-bottle-deep” to “2-bottle-deep” and to “3-bottle-deep”, you can double and triple your bottle capacity. Changing the bottle position is as simple as turning a thumb screw and changing a bracket and/or cross bar – no tools required.

5 Bottle Positions

  • Label View (available in 1-bottle-deep, 2-bottle-deep and 3-bottle-deep)
  • Presentation View
  • Standing View
  • Cork View
  • Bottom View
  • A RESERVE™ wine rack is comprised of many rows of bottles. Bottles in each row can be in a different “bottle position”
  • Placing different “bottle positions” on different rows can make your wine rack more functional and more personalized
  • Allows endless design possibilities

How it works

  • “Standards” (vertical slotted metal rails) are screwed into the wall
  • “Brackets” are thumb screwed onto the “Standards” (no tools required)
  • “Cross Bars” magnetically snap onto the “Brackets” (no tools required)
  • Place your bottles onto the cross bars
  • Note: different bottle positions use different “Brackets” and “Cross Bars”

Polished Chrome

RESERVE™ is made from beautiful polished chrome on heavy gauge steel for a clean, elegant and modern aesthetic that will not deteriorate in damp spaces.

Glass Serving Surface

The “Standing View” bottle position uses a 14″ deep glass shelf that also works as a counter or table surface great for serving or showcasing glasses, decanters, etc.

Easier Installation

RESERVE™ requires up to 75% less mounting points compared to other wine rack brands.

Handmade Craftsmanship

Each RESERVE™ Wine Rack is custom made to order by skilled craftsman with a handmade elegance that is unmatched in the industry. You are investing in a wine rack system that you and your family will be truly proud of for generations to come.

Shipped in 5 days

We will manufacture and ship your custom wine rack within 5 business days. We ship throughout North America.

For Commercial, Residential and Institutional Spaces

The RESERVE™ Wine Rack System is suitable for commercial, residential and institutional spaces.


Available upon request.