Warranty Terms

Seller (USCS) warrants that the goods will be free of defects in materials and workmanship as follows:

With receipt of completed warranty activation card


All cooling unit parts are covered for a period of one (1) year from date of sale.

Purchaser’s exclusive remedy is limited, at Seller’s option, to repair or replace defective parts with either new or factory reconditioned parts. Unless otherwise provided by applicable law. Purchaser is responsible for shipping the unit to repair facility designated by Us Cellar Systems.

US Cellar Systems will pay return shipping at regular ground rates for wine cellar cooling units repaired under warranty. At the sole discretion and approval of the seller local replacement parts may be sourced.

Repairs or replacement parts not authorized in advance by US Cellar Systems may void the terms and conditions contained in this warranty agreement. Modification of any component may void the terms and conditions of this warranty. Variances from USCS prescribed installation manual may void the terms and conditions of this warranty.

US Cellar Systems is not responsible for labor to diagnose potential issues, remove possibly defective parts or to reinstall repaired/replacement parts. US Cellar Systems is not responsible for costs of supplies, labor, travel, or materials related to initial installation or subsequent maintenance or repairs.

Warranty does not cover damage due to such things as accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, acts of god, fires earthquakes, floods, high winds, government, war, riot or labor trouble, strikes, lockouts, delay of carrier, unauthorized repair, or any other cause beyond the control of US Cellar Systems, weather similar or dissimilar of the foregoing examples.

Purchaser understands and acknowledges that the goods sold are for only for the purposes of cooling wine cellars and or similar units that house wine, foods, or cigars. Purchaser assumes all risk of using these units, including risk of spoilage, humidity variations, leaks, fire water damage mold, mildew, dryness and similar perils that might occur.

Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, seller is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages, and there are no warranties, express or implied, which extend beyond the description on the face hereof:

  • The implied warrantied of merchantability and of the fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.
  • Some states do not follow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, or a waiver of the implied warranties of fitness and or merchantability.
  • So the above limitations may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.
  • Any legal action or proceeding related ot this purchase shall be instituted solely in a federal court in los angeles county, ca.
  • Us cellar systems, llc. And customer agree that venue is proper in, these courts in any such legal action or proceeding.

How it works


  • RESERVE™ can hold bottles in 5 different “bottle positions” for endless design possibilities
  • A RESERVE™ wine rack is comprised of many rows of bottles. Bottles in each row can be in a different “bottle position”
  • Placing different “bottle positions” on different rows can make your wine rack more personalized and more functional


  • “Standards” (vertical slotted metal rails) are screwed into the wall; or if wall mounting is not possible can be made optionally  as Floor-Ceiling Mount
  • “Brackets” are thumb screwed onto the “Standards” (no tools required)
  • Horizontal “Cross Bars” magnetically snap onto the “Brackets” (no tools required)
  • Place your bottles onto the cross bars
  • Note: different bottle positions use different “Brackets” and “Cross Bars”


Custom Fitted

Your wine rack will be exactly fitted to its space – much like a custom tailored suit.

For a few bottles to several thousands

  • Outfit an entire room to create a wine cellar
  • Outfit a single wall to create a wall of wine.
  • Outfit a small space on a wall to create a personal wine bar.


Exclusive to the RESERVE™ Wine Rack System is its ability to be expanded. As your wine collection grows, you can easily increase the capacity of your wine rack, by changing some components on the fly. For example, by going from “Label View 1-bottle-deep” to “2-bottle-deep” and to “3-bottle-deep”, you can double and triple your bottle capacity. Changing the bottle position is as simple as turning a thumb screw and changing a bracket and/or cross bar – no tools required.

5 Bottle Positions

  • Label View (available in 1-bottle-deep, 2-bottle-deep and 3-bottle-deep)
  • Presentation View
  • Standing View
  • Cork View
  • Bottom View
  • A RESERVE™ wine rack is comprised of many rows of bottles. Bottles in each row can be in a different “bottle position”
  • Placing different “bottle positions” on different rows can make your wine rack more functional and more personalized
  • Allows endless design possibilities

How it works

  • “Standards” (vertical slotted metal rails) are screwed into the wall
  • “Brackets” are thumb screwed onto the “Standards” (no tools required)
  • “Cross Bars” magnetically snap onto the “Brackets” (no tools required)
  • Place your bottles onto the cross bars
  • Note: different bottle positions use different “Brackets” and “Cross Bars”

Polished Chrome

RESERVE™ is made from beautiful polished chrome on heavy gauge steel for a clean, elegant and modern aesthetic that will not deteriorate in damp spaces.

Glass Serving Surface

The “Standing View” bottle position uses a 14″ deep glass shelf that also works as a counter or table surface great for serving or showcasing glasses, decanters, etc.

Easier Installation

RESERVE™ requires up to 75% less mounting points compared to other wine rack brands.

Handmade Craftsmanship

Each RESERVE™ Wine Rack is custom made to order by skilled craftsman with a handmade elegance that is unmatched in the industry. You are investing in a wine rack system that you and your family will be truly proud of for generations to come.

Shipped in 5 days

We will manufacture and ship your custom wine rack within 5 business days. We ship throughout North America.

For Commercial, Residential and Institutional Spaces

The RESERVE™ Wine Rack System is suitable for commercial, residential and institutional spaces.


Available upon request.

What People are saying

“The perfect wine rack.”

Huffington Post’s StyleList:

Fox News:
“Turn wine into attractive works of art.”

“STACT fits basically anywhere.”

“Art imitating… wine.”

Design Crush:
“An incredible art installation.”

Vancouver Sun:
“Simple but elegant design.”

Yanko Design:
“Really really cool.”

Home Interior Design & Architecture:
“Taking the wine rack to the next level.”

Luxury Insider:
“Ingeniously elegant way to stor
e your vino.”

Drink Me Magazine:
“It’s like Legos for wine lovers.”

The solution to ugly wine racks.”


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Q: How do you install the STACT system?

A: STACT is a cinch to assemble and easy to mount right out of the box. The small number of components allows for easy assembly in just a few simple steps, with measuring kept to a minimum.

Q: What are the dimensions of each STACT panel?

A: Each STACT module measures 11 3/8″ x 14 5/16″, when assembled on the wall (including the wall brackets).

Stact Panel Picture

Q: How many bottles can each STACT panel hold?

A: Individual panels each hold 9 standard sized wine bottles. However, combining modules side-by-side will add additional bottle capacity – arranged in this way each panel supports up to 12 bottles.

Stact Panel

Q: Does STACT work with all types of wine bottles? And how about liquor bottles?

A: You bet! STACT has been designed and tested to accommodate all styles of standard sized (750ml) wine bottles, including pinot, bordeaux, burgundy, cabernet, and riesling. All cylindrical bottles ranging from 2 7/8″ to 3 3/8″ will fit super comfy, plus if you have space to spare you can even toss in a few bottles of your favorite bubbly. Looking to mix it up? STACT also makes ideal home for port, large-format beers, and even many popular spirits!

Is STACT suitable for wine cellars?

A: STACT is frequently used, and well suited to the conditions within climate controlled cellars for long term wine storage (12-15 degrees celsius, and 50-65% RH)

Do I need to mount STACT to studs? Or can these be placed anywhere?

A: STACT is designed for easy and flexible installation. So there’s no need to mount to studs! With the included hardware, STACT mounts securely to any dry-wall surface right out of the box in just a few simple steps. If you wish you can also mount to any solid flat surface, with a set of heavy duty masonry wall anchors found at any hardware store.

Wine is obviously heavy, is my wall going to collapse?

A: STACT has been engineered and tested to securely support 2-3X the weight fully stocked with wine, when properly installed onto any standard drywall surface.

Q: Are there any limitations on how STACT can be installed?

A: STACT is infinitely versatile. Mount it any way you wish – connected together or separately, spaced apart you like. It can grow as your wine collection expands. Tired of staring at the same wall? Simply interchange the panels and create a whole new look!

Q: What is STACT made of?

A: STACT is crafted from precision machined aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, and premium furniture-grade wood veneer/high-gloss piano lacquer panels.

Q: Is STACT ideal for restaurants and bars?

A: Unlike boring, ahem.. traditional wine racks, STACT’s sexy yet sturdy aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame is built for high-capacity wine storage within commercial interior design applications. Elegant, functional, and modern, the space-saving modular wine storage panels will add instant ‘wow-factor’ your wine lounge, bar, or fine restaurant.

Q: How many colors are available?

A: STACT is currently available in 9 premium finishes: Walnut, Zebrano, Oak, Pure White, Piano Black, Electric Orange, Gunmetal Gray, Gray Oak, and BlackOut.

Q: Who is the designer behind STACT?

A: Designed in California, STACT is the latest (and dare it be said, greatest) creation of 2012 ICFF award-winning designer, Eric Pfeiffer. Guided by a design philosophy of simplicity, usability, and sustainability, he redefines the way we enjoy everyday things, creating products that people love and want to keep forever.

Q: What tools to I need to install STACT?

A: All the necessary mounting hardware is included in the box, the only tools required are a power drill, 3/8″ drill bit, philips screwdriver, and a level.

Q: Where can I purchase STACT locally?

A: STACT is exclusively available online at www.getSTACT.com. We use a direct distribution model, where instead of inflating our pricing to allow retailers to enjoy high profit margins we offer an already competitive retail price which allows us to sell at level of volume where we are able to cut out intermediaries (and retail) altogether.

Q: Does STACT ship globally?

A: We have warehouses in the USA, Canada, and Denmark, allowing for shipping within 24 hours (on in-stock items) to most parts of the world, including USA, Canada, Europe, middle East and Asia. Currently we are offering free shipping within USA/CAN/Europe.


Created from aircraft grade anodized aluminum (satin finish), panels. Finishes available in premium wood veneer or high-gloss lacquer, and 9 colorways.

Each panel supports 9 bottles with the option to combine modules side-by-side for increased bottle capacity. Each panel can support up to 12 bottles when arranged in this way.

The STACT system can can be connected together by ‘couplers’ (included) or spaced apart.  For example, a floor-to-ceiling wine rack can be created in any standard height room using 8 vertical modules. Possible arrangements are endless.

STACT boasts the highest bottle capacity on the market and, unlike most custom storage solutions, comes ready-to-install on any drywall surface right out of the package.

Lacquer panels are offered in the following high-gloss finishes:

  • Piano black
  • Pure white
  • Gunmetal gray
  • Electric orange

Premium wood veneered finishes available in:

  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Zebrano
  • Gray oak

STACT panels feature a premium high-gloss finish, not a laminated surface. After several coats of lacquer are applied, panels are hand buffed to a mirror-like, piano finish.